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Filibuster & Firkin - Darlington

Review taken from Rifts Magazine

Tribute bands walk the tightrope every time they hit the stage. Anything short of bloody good and they run the risk of being berated for sacrilege by the die hards, or even worse, lynched. After all, no one wants to hear a band massacre their particular favourite's material.

For those of you that thought The Stranglers lost that vital spark around their Golden Brown period look no further. The No More Heroes time machine treats us to a cavalcade of carbon copy classics (now that's what I call alliteration!!!), with the onstage sound being uncannily close to The Meninblack themselves. Jean Jacques' thundering bass, and the Greenfield trademark swirling keyboard sound are faithfully reproduced. 'Hanging Around', 'Grip', 'Duchess' all dusted off for the thirty something nostalgics. If you were to put together a Best of 77-82 compilation, then No More Heroes set list would be an almost faultless blueprint. I say almost, as 'Five Minutes' was the only notable omission to the reviewer's ears.

Two sets of around 40 minutes apiece had a fair few aging ex punk rockers jigging around at the front. Old enough to know better? Who cares? I forecast a speedy return to the Filibuster, and for those who missed this show, don't miss the next!!

Huge Cornball

Since the review the band have added 'Five Minutes' to their set list.

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