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Rats, Ravens and Men in Black the Stranglers Tribute CD is available now exclusively from

Time Machine

Latest offering from "No More Heroes" Bassist, Rob Holmes.

A compilation of songs penned over the last three years.

Time machine takes you on a very personal journey focussing on events in the writer’s life over the past few years. Musically drawing from several influences "Time Machine" goes from the sublime "time stops for no one" to the brilliantly naïve and ridiculous "in the summer time " Psychedelia meets Lou Reed in the brilliant "Sunshine", blistering drums lay the foundation for the anthem "see this world through my eyes "

Difficult to pigeon hole "Time Machine" lyrically, takes you on a journey to warmth through irony, stopping for a while sarcasm central, musically again the writer has played all instruments, but the over all feel of the album, suffers for the want of a real drum kit! (But I’m bound to say that being a drummer).

My highlights…."In the summertime, Time machine, see this world, sunshine, strawberry girl.

Over all an excellent glimpse into the head of a very talented writer.

DARREN BYATT (Chairman of J.S.N.T.D.M)


Order now for only £9.99 (free carriage) cheques/POs payable to A Reynolds

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NG15 6HW

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