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Corn Exchange
The Sex Pistols tribute couldn't make the gig due to the drummer injuring his arm so it was left to No More Heroes, the Jam and the Black Market Clash to provide the evenings entertainment. 

No More Heroes agreed to play the first set, starting at 9pm, as they were travelling back overnight.  All the old favourites were played including 5 Minutes, Raven, No More Heroes and even a MKII line-up song thrown in for good measure.  The crowd was very responsive particulary during No More Heroes.

Corn Exchange 20 Oct 2001

Rob, Dirty Dave, Ash   Ash
Dirty Dave Berridge Andy(Jet Black) Raven
Dirty Dave Rob Holmes
Pictures Steve Wood Photography

The Jam provided an excellent set and looked just like the real-thing. 

The Black Market Clash also played an excellent set.

Anyone with any pictures taken on the night or copies of the set lists please send them to the webmaster and we'll put them on here.

by Arther Black

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