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A special thanks to Swindon Rob for not knocking the table of beers over this time and also for his introduction on 'Nubiles'!!!!

from David Potter Bristol.
brill gig last night boys just like the real thing.
from Adrian Lee Milton Keynes.
what a great gig the place was full as always loved let me introduce you to the family
ashes drums were spot on and daves guitar was shit hot.
from Sharon Hill Swindon.
well it was our first time we've seen you last night missed you last time but we wont miss you again it was fantastic your sound is unbelievable,
ps does your bass player do karate he was getting that leg up high.
x x x x x x x
Josh Baker Ipswich
I met you at the corn exchange which was a good gig but this one was even better
who was the girl who got her tits out on sleazy what a pair of wobblers.
from Stuart Bradbury Weston Super
Hi there remember me saw you at Rats Rally.  Good gig but your set wasn't long enough,
but Swindon was crack on two hours of noise and sweat,I got a copy of rats ravens last night
its spot on see you next gig in December
No More Heroes would like to thank everyone who came to Swindon.  Thanks for you support they're back! 
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