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No More Heroes were formed in the summer of 1996 near Nottingham, England. Bassist Rob Holmes, Keyboard player Sprock and drummer Ash Reynolds had played Stranglers songs together long before anyone coined the phrase 'tribute band'. Dave Berridge had also been playing Stranglers covers in similar situations since the late 1970's.

'Dirty' Dave Berridge: Guitar and Vocals   Sprock: Keyboards Rob Holmes: Bass, Vocals and karate   Ash Reynolds: Drums

After only six months the band found themselves playing the the QM in Glasgow. The band later found out that it was 20 years to the day since the Stranglers played the very same venue. Some strange coincidence. Even stranger, the band stayed in the same hotel the Stranglers stayed in 20 years previously.

Sprock, Ash and Rob during the Glasgow QM gig in 1997.

Shortly after the QM gig, the band started work on a demo tape. A few months later they were contacted by Plastic Head, a UK music distributor, who wanted the band to release an album. August 1998 saw the release of that album, as Rats, Ravens and Men in Black which consisted of 17 studio recorded tracks with the authentic 'Barracuda Bass', Telecaster guitar and swirling keyboard sound.

In July 1998 the band were playing along-side SLF and UK Subs at the Holidays in the Sun festival at Morecambe.

In November 1998 the band were asked to appear on Talk Radio for a live interview with Lorraine Kelly to coincide with the band's first London gig. The interview is available in Real Audio format in the downloads section of this site.

No More Heroes were chosen to play along-side the Stranglers and Stiff Little Fingers at Rats Rally in Devon on 22nd July 2000.  Sprock is unable to attend, so stand-in keyboard player Andy Raven performs in his place.


No More Heroes have been gigging throughout the country ever since and have been re-booked at every venue. If you are interested in booking the band, use the contact form on the 'Contact Us' section of this site.

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